We are Eneya Accounting

Eneya means complete or sufficient in Swahili, which reflects how our bookkeeping practice is complete, transparent, and accurate.

Eneya Accounting is an accounting firm that provides full accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses. The services provided by Eneya Accounting are critical for businesses’ financial health. We help clients create sustainable businesses through accurate financials that facilitate tax filings, loan acquisitions, growth, and clarity in business performance analysis. One benefit of working with Eneya Accounting constitutes having accurate financials for businesses. We would be pleased to serve your business and help you grow in the US.


Meet the mastermind behind the brand!

Esther Kalande is an accountant, bookkeeper, and financial strategist who assists six-figure earners at making wise financial decisions to allow them to build financial wealth and implement investing strategies. She is based in Orange County, California where she grew her passion and developed her skills in accounting and entrepreneurship. Esther is a motivated, detail-oriented, and result-driven accountant who believes in transparency and accuracy as core values for her practice. She acquired a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Accounting and Business Entrepreneurship from Chapman University and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Concordia University, Irvine. 

CEO, Eneya Accounting

Esther Kalande


In the early stage of her career, as an accounting intern, she noticed that businesses had difficulties in managing their finances and keeping track of their records. Esther learned about the importance of recordkeeping and excelled in managing six to seven-figure portfolios in the entertainment, commercial real estate, health and wellness, food, and retail industries. Esther has extensive knowledge and practice in financial and cash-flow management. Currently recognized by QuickBooks as a QuickBooks Online Proadvisor (QBO ProAdvisor), Esther excels at training clients to understand the importance of implementing an accounting solution in their business to maintain financial health.

Esther believes in giving back to the community to assist families in need. She is a long-term volunteer of United Way by assisting low-income earners and elderly people with their tax needs. She also believes kids are tomorrow’s future which is why she is a kid-life teacher in Sunday school in her Aliso Viejo non-denominational church Coast Hill Church. Esther invests in the future of her community with her time and talent, just like she invests in the future of her clients’ businesses with her expertise. She is proud to support small businesses in reaching their financial goals.

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